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A week after watching my first speedway meeting in 1962, I bought a book. It was the Speedway Star Digest, an annual of the previous years events but, importantly to me, it contained 14 pages of details of Test matches staged since the start of the sport, and it fascinated me.
Over the next 30 years or more, I enjoyed many international events, both individual and team, though "team events" in speedway have always been the more important to me.
By the 1990's it occured to me that there was no complete record of international team events. Oh, the information was there - if you had access to over 60 years worth of magazines, books, annuals, and newspapers from around the world! I didn't - but I began to accumulate what information I could find. And it probably would have stayed as a purely personal project, but for the advent of personal computers and the internet. Here was a means of not only displaying the information I had found, but of communicating with, and receiving information from, many other fans from all over the world. This site was launched in July 2004, and now has 50 per cent more pages than it had on day 1, and the "volume" of information has rocketed from 30MB to 150MB. This is primarily due to the large input of information and programme scans received from speedway fans in many countries.
This site was originally compiled thanks to the enormous amount of information culled from many publications. These included magazines such as Speeedway Star, Speedway News, Speedway Mail, Speedway World, Speedway Gazette, Automotor Journal, Motor Cycling, The Motor Cycle, Tygodnik Zuzlowly, Na Wirazu, Speedway Rewia, Speedway Journal, Zuzel, Speedway Sport, Kuryr, Peter White's Speedway World, and others. Annuals and books including Stenners, Speedway Star Annuals, Daily Mirror Yearbooks, Astorias booklets, Loader's Annuals, International Speedway Information Service yearbooks, Maurice Jones' Speedway Surveys, various Who's Who of Speedway books, Peter Oakes' superb Complete History of the British League, and Anders Aberg's Kolstybb och Metanol have been invaluable.
Thanks also to the British Library, Colindale, London, for enabling access to many of the older speedway magazines, and newspapers from several countries around the world.
An "official" international match is one which is approved by the controlling authorities of the competing countries (e.g DMU in Denmark, PZM in Poland) and by the international controlling body, the F.I.M. But if I were to adhere to that definition, this site would be incomplete - and a lot smaller!
So, I have included matches between representative teams, regardless of official approval of those matches. For example, I have included all matches raced by Scotland, even though their team often included riders from other countries who merely raced for a Scottish team.
I have excluded pairs events, as i do not consider two riders to be a "team" in the context of this website. The only exceptions to this are (i) the World Team Cup, which was run as a pairs competition between 1994 and 1998, but whose results from that period are included for completeness of the records of that competition, and (ii) the Mitropa Cup, which has been a pairs competition in some years, but is especially interesting as it features some of the smaller central European countries.
Please note that reserves who did not get a ride in a match are NOT normally listed in the scorers.
Attendance figures, where given, are from contemporary press reports, and are very rarely official. And we don't totally believe everything we read in the newspapers - do we?

Major updates to this site are listed on the home page. Minor updates are made continually, but a list of all updates are available for 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005.

In no way do I suggest that this website is a complete record of speedway international matches. It is not - and never will be - complete, for the history of the sport in many parts of the world is poorly documented. I have researched magazines, books, annuals, newspapers, programmes, and the internet in order to compile these records, but I welcome contributions from YOU, the lover of speedway racing, wherever you are in the world. Additions or corrections, however small, would be much appreciated. You can e-mail me at:
Only by working together can we accurately document the international history of our great sport - SPEEDWAY
Since this site was lauched, I have received a lot of information from fans from all around the world, which has enabled this site to continually grow. Some programme collectors have also sent scans of many programme covers, some very rare. To all of you I can only say a big THANK YOU for helping to reconstruct some of the lost history of our great sport. Thanks to (in no particular order) :
Anders Aberg (Swe), Ross Garrigan (Aus), Roger Stevens (Can), Christian Weber (Ger), Marek Nowak (Pol), Peter Baker (Aus), AlterEgoZG (Pol), Raimund S (Pol), Vesa Niemela (Fin), Andy Davidson (Aus), Mauro Cavazzana (It), Mike Hunter (Scot), Przemyslaw Jany (Pol), Barry Forsyth (Aus), Ken MacLeod (Sth Af/Eng), Roman Chyla (Pol), CSJ (Eng), Maciej Wegrzyn (Pol), Vladimir Kovar (Cz Rep), Franco Oliani (It), FiveOne (Eng), Jaroslaw Brondel (Pol), Roman Lach (Pol), Del Carruthers (Eng), Duncan Luke (Can), Charles McKay (Eng), Roger Whitehouse (Can), Jim Henry (Scot), Stefan Ornerdal (Swe), Hugh Vass (Eng), Tom Marriott (Can), Doug McFarlane (Ger/Eng), R C Jones (USA), Bob Andrews (NZ), John Hyam (Eng), Darija Pavlic (Cro), Ian Moultray (Scot), Kevin Twohigg (Wales), Tracy Holmes (NZ), Allen Trump (Eng), Akos Bodanyi (Hun), Wally Auckram (NZ), Ron Clark jr (NZ), Bryan Tungate (Eng), Marek Madraszewski (Pol), Michael Kemp (Eng), Harry Susemihl (Ger), Dave Collins (Sth Af), Phil Hood (Eng), Wojtek Szoltysek (Pol), Tony Lethbridge (Eng), Eric Watson (Eng), Tomaz Pozrl (Slvn), David Austin (Sth Af), Andy Marlow (Eng), Gary Gregor (Wales), Lynn Isaac (Wales), Klaus Schwab (Aut), Trevor Chater (Eng), T Grabowski (Pol), Norman Jacobs (Eng), Phil Smith (Eng), Wojciech Wilde (Pol), Nigel Bird (Eng), Marcin Wolanski (Pol), Stanislaw Szczucinski (Pol), Graeme Frost (Aus), Arnie Gibbons (Eng), Martin Green (England), Alan Robertson (Scot), Markku Jurmu (Fin), Andy Reid (Scot), Trevor Kimberley (Eng), Igor Kalashnik (Russia), Dave Hinsley (Can), Vic Butcher (Eng), Ian Belcher (Eng), Robert Browne (Eng), Chris Sweetman (NZ), Søren Kjær (Den), Thomas Preuss (Ger), Alan Sampson (Eng), Graham Wale (Can), Robert Rudiak (Pol), Jozef Trescak (Slovakia), Steve Magro (Aus), Peter Jackson (Eng), Jonas Holmqvist (Swe), Sebastian Sojka (Cyprus), Alex Hughson (Scot/USA), Piotr Dziuba (Pol), Mark Dell (Eng), John Skinner (Eng), Roger Thorpe (Eng), Robert Bamford (Eng)
, Igor Sokolovskiy (Ukr), Piotr (Zielona Gora) (Pol), Peter Hunter (Aus), John Smart (Eng), Phil Mountford (Eng), Martin Greene (Ire), John Langfield (Aus), Anselmo De Toni (Italy), Brian Lear (Aus), Petteri (Fin), Robert Ozanne (Eng), Colin Jewes (Eng), Andrzej Pogorzelski (Pol), Krzysztof Nowacki (Pol), Krzysztof Batka (Pol), David Housley (Eng), Ian Presslie (Eng), Peter Hosking (NZ), Tomasz Brukarczyk (Pol), Peter Heinzl (Ger), Grzegorz Dudkowski (Pol), Dave Allan (Eng), Pascal Lindh (Swe), Slawomir Siekierka (Pol), Joan Luke (Can), Ken Brown (Aus), Günther Plischke (Ger), Reg Duval (Eng), Paul Dunn (Eng), Christian Riviere-Ramond (Fr)

I live in England, and have been watching speedway since 1962. My team is (was) the famous Wimbledon Dons, though I consider myself a speedway supporter first, and a Wimbledon fan second.

My other favourite sports are Cricket and Ice Hockey.
I do welcome constructive criticism of this website, the first I have built. If you spot any broken links or other problems, or if you have some new information or corrections for the site, please e-mail me at internationalspeedway@yahoo.co.uk
But most of all - enjoy your visit!

Brian Collins
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