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Note : For Great Britain, England, Scotland, and Wales - see UNITED KINGDOM
For Netherlands - see HOLLAND
in AUSTRALIA {short description of image}
Australia v England 1932-33 to 1935-36 Australia v Great Britain Australia v Young England
Australia v England 1936-37 to 1938-39 Australia v Soviet Union New Zealand v The Rest
Australia v England 1947-48 to 1959-60 Australia v New Zealand Australia v Rest of the World
Australia v England 1967-68 to 1978-79 Australia v Poland Australia v Europe
Australia v England 1985-86 to date Australia v Sweden Australasia v Rest of the World
Australia : 3-Team Matches Young Australia v Young Great Britain
Australia : 4-Team Matches Australia v USA Australasia v Denmark

in AUSTRIA {short description of image}
Austria v Germany Austria v Italy Austria & Germany v Sweden Sweden v Soviet Union
Austria v Holland Austria v Poland Austria : 3-Team Matches Continent v Australia
Austria v Hungary Austria v Soviet Union Austria : 4-Team Matches Austria v Yugoslavia
Austria v Denmark Austria v C.I.S Austria : 5-Team Matches Austria & Germany v Poland
Austria v Young England Austria v Australia Australasia v Europe (in Austria) England v Continent
Austria v Norway Austria v Finland Austria v Czechoslovakia Austria v Czech Republic
Austria v Switzerland Austria v Sweden
in BELGIUM {short description of image}
Belgium v Holland Belgium 4-Team Match
in BULGARIA {short description of image}
Bulgaria v Poland B Bulgaria v Rumania Bulgaria : 3 & 4-Team Matches
in CANADA {short description of image}
Canada v USA North America v Denmark
in CROATIA {short description of image}
Croatia v Slovenia
in CZECHOSLOVAKIA {short description of image}
Czechoslovakia v Poland Young Czechoslovakia v Young England Czechoslovakia : 4-Team & 5-Team Matches
in CZECH REPUBLIC {short description of image}
Czech Republic v Italy Czech Rep v Slovenia & Croatia Czech Rep U21 v Poland U21
Czech Republic v Poland
in DENMARK {short description of image}
Denmark v England Denmark v Poland Denmark v Sweden Denmark : 4-Team Matches
Denmark v Holland England v Sweden
Denmark v Norway Denmark v South Africa Denmark v Rest of the World England v Rest of the World
Denmark U21 v Poland U21 Denmark U21/19 v Sweden U21/19
Denmark : U21 4-Team Matches Denmark : U21 3-Team Matches
Denmark v Scandinavia Denmark : U19 3-Team Matches
Denmark 80cc Youth 4-Team Matches Denmark v Germany
Denmark v Sweden 80cc Youth Denmark v Austria

in EAST GERMANY (DDR) {short description of image}
East Germany v Rumania East Germany : U21 4-Team Matches East Germany : U23 4-Team Matches
East Germany v Hungary East Germany v Bulgaria
East Germany v Sweden East Germany v Poland U-21 East Germany : 4-Team Matches
in ESTONIA {short description of image}
Estonia v Latvia
in FINLAND {short description of image}
Finland v Poland B Finland v Soviet Union Finland : U21 4-Team Matches
Finland v Sweden Finland v Sweden U21 Finland : 3 & 4-Team Matches
Finland v Austria Finland v Sweden 80cc Youth Finland U21 v Sweden U21
in FRANCE {short description of image}
France - at Buffalo Stadium France : 3- & 4-Team Matches

in GERMANY {short description of image}
Germany v Austria Germany : 4-Team Matches Germany : U18 & U21 3-Team Matches
Germany v Denmark Germany U19 v Poland U19 Germany : U21 & U19 4-Team Matches
Germany v England Germany U16 v Great Britain U16 Youth Germany U18 v Poland U18
Germany v Italy Germany : 3-Team Matches Germany v Czech Republic Germany v Poland
Germany v Europe Germany v Holland Germany v Finland Germany v Australia
Germany v Russia Germany v Rest of the World
in HOLLAND / NETHERLANDS {short description of image}
Holland v Denmark Holland v Germany Holland v Norway Holland v Sweden
Holland v East Germany Holland v Hungary Holland v South Africa Holland v Sweden U23
Holland v England Holland : 4-Team Matches Holland v Poland Holland v Italy
Holland v Austria Holland v Australia Holland v Scotland

in HUNGARY {short description of image}
Hungary v East Germany Hungary v Italy Hungary v Poland Hungary : 4- & 5-Team Matches
Hungary v Holland Hungary v South Africa Hungary v Yugoslavia Hungary v England
in IRELAND {short description of image}
America v Norway England C v USA America v Scotland England v New Zealand
Britain v Overseas Ireland v England America v New Zealand Yng Ireland v Yng England
in ISRAEL {short description of image}
USA v Rest of the World
in ITALY {short description of image}
Italy v Czechoslovakia Italy v Poland Italy v Sweden Italy v Denmark U21 or B
Italy v England Italy v Soviet Union Italy v C.I.S Italy : 4-Team Matches
Italy v Hungary Italy v West Germany Italy v Holland Italy v Austria
Italy - 3-Team Matches Italy v Czech Republic

in LATVIA {short description of image}
Latvia v Finland Latvia v Russia Latvia v Poland Latvia v Estonia
in NEW ZEALAND {short description of image}
New Zealand v Australia New Zealand v Poland New Zealand v USA New Zealand v Rest of the World
New Zealand v England Australasia v England New Zealand v Sweden Great Britain v Rest of the World
England v The Colonies Great Britain v America New Zealand v Overseas America v The Colonies
New Zealand v Europe
in NORTHERN RHODESIA {short description of image}
Northern Rhodesia v South Africa
in NORWAY {short description of image}
Norway v Denmark Norway v Sweden U21 Norway U21 v Sweden U21
Norway v Finland Norway v Sweden B
Norway v Sweden Norway : 4-Team Matches Norway : U21 4-Team Matches
Norway v Austria Norway v USA Norway v South Africa
Scandinavia v Great Britain Norway v Poland
Norway : 3-Team Matches Scandinavia v Australasia
Norway v Australia Norway v West Germany

in POLAND {short description of image}
Poland v Australia Poland v Great Britain Poland v Sweden Poland U21 v Denmark U21
Poland v Czechoslovakia Poland v Holland Poland v Rest of the World Poland U21 v Sweden U21
Poland v Denmark Poland v Hungary Poland U23 v Gt Britain U23 Poland : U21 3-Team Matches
Poland v England Poland v Italy Poland U23 v Sweden U23 Poland : U21 4-Team Matches
Poland v Finland Poland v Soviet Union Poland v Norway Poland : 4-Team Matches
Poland v Australasia Poland v Overseas Poland v Germany Poland v East Germany DDR
Poland v Austria Poland U21 v E Germany Poland U21 v Czech Rep U21 Poland v Ukraine
Poland v Czech Rep Youth 80cc Poland v Russia Poland 80cc Youth 4-Team Poland : 3-Team Matches
in RHODESIA {short description of image}
Rhodesia v South Africa Rhodesia v Overseas Dominions v Britain South Africa v England
England v Rest of World South Africa v British Commonwealth
British Commonwealth v Scandinavia
in RUMANIA {short description of image}
Rumania v Bulgaria Rumania v Austria Rumania v Hungary
Russia v Poland
in SINGAPORE {short description of image}
Slovakia v Czech Republic
in SLOVENIA {short description of image}
Slovenia & Croatia v Czech Republic Slovenia v Croatia

in SOUTH AFRICA {short description of image}
South Africa v England South Africa v New Zealand South Africa v British Commonwealth South Africa v Poland
South Africa v Rhodesia South Africa v Overseas South Africa v Combined Europe South Africa v USA
South Africa v Europe South Africa v Scandinavia South Africa : 3- & 4-Team Matches South Africa v Holland
Dominions v England South Africa v Britain Europe v British Commonwealth
Dominions v Europe Southern Africa v Overseas Southern Africa v The World
South Africa v Rest of the World
in SOVIET UNION {short description of image}
Soviet Union v Poland Soviet Union v Hungary Soviet Union v Czechoslovakia
Soviet Union - 3-Team Matches Soviet Union v East Germany
Soviet Union - 4-Team & 5-Team Matches Soviet Union v Sweden
in SPAIN {short description of image}
Spain v England

in SWEDEN {short description of image}
Sweden v Australasia Sweden v Denmark Sweden U21/19 v Denmark U21/19 Sweden U21 v Norway
Sweden v Czechoslovakia Sweden v Norway Sweden U21 v England U21 Sweden U21 v Norway U21
Sweden v Soviet Union Sweden v Poland Sweden U21 v Finland Sweden U21 v Poland U23
Sweden v England Sweden v USA Sweden U21 v Finland B Sweden U21 v Finland U23
Sweden v England C Sweden v Europe Sweden U23 v Soviet Union Sweden U23 v Norway
Sweden v Great Britain Sweden B v Norway Sweden: U21 3-Team Matches Sweden U21 v Poland U21
Sweden v British Commonwealth Sweden v Finland Sweden: U21 4-Team Matches Sweden : 4-Team Matches
Sweden v Denmark 80cc Youth Sweden 4-Team Matches 80cc Youth Sweden : 3-Team Matches
Sweden U21 v Finland U21 Sweden v Austria Sweden U21 v Soviet Union Sweden v Rest of World

in SWITZERLAND {short description of image}
England v Australia
in UKRAINE Ukraine
Ukraine v Poland Ukraine v Latvia Ukraine v Austria
Ukraine - 4-Team Matches

in UNITED KINGDOM {short description of image} (2) indicates Division 2 level
Great Britain v Australia Great Britain v Soviet Union Great Britain v Rest of the World
Great Britain v Denmark Great Britain v Sweden Young Britain v Young Australasia
Great Britain v Denmark(2) Britain v Overseas(2) Great Britain U16 v Germany U16 Youth
Great Britain v Poland Yng Britain v Yng Overseas England & Australia v USA & Canada
Gt.Britain U21 v Rest of World England v Europe Great Britain U21 v Sweden U21
England v Australia 1928-33 England v Overseas England v Overseas v Scotland v Wales(2)
England v Australia 1934-39 England v USA & Canada England Lions v England World Team Cup
England v Australia 1945-53 England v Poland Young England v Australia Young England v N Zealand
England v Australia 1969-date England v Poland(2) Young England v Young Australia
England v Australia(2) England v The Colonies Great Britain U21 v Denmark U21
England v Australasia England v Soviet Union Young England v Young Czechoslovakia
England v Australasia(2) England v Sweden Young England v Young Overseas
England v Czechoslovakia(2) England v Sweden(2) Young England v Young Scotland
England v Denmark England v USA 1937-89 Young England v Young Sweden
England v Dominions(2) England v USA 1991-date England C v New Zealand England U21 v Russia
England v New Zealand England v Rest of the World England C v Sweden England U21 v Sweden U23
Young England v Young Australasia England C v America England U23 v Czech Rep.
Scotland v England 1928-56 Scotland v Australia Scotland v Holland Scotland v Soviet Union
Scotland v England 1964-72 Scotland v Australasia Scotland v Norway Scotland v Rest of the World
Scotland v England 1973-date Scotland v New Zealand Scotland v Poland Scotland v England U21
Scotland v Dominions Wales v England USA v Australia Scotland v USA
4-Team Matches Wales v USA 3-Team Matches Australia v The World
National League v Poland National League v Australia National League vSweden Nat.Lge.v Young England
Northern Ireland v Scotland North America v Australia England U23 v Australia U23
Australia v Rest of the World England v West Germany Great Britain U-21 v Australasia U-21
Great Britain U-21 v USA Great Britain U-25 v Australia U-25
Great Britain v Young Australia

in USA {short description of image}
USA v Rest of the World USA v United Kingdom USA v Canada
USA v Australia USA v Poland
in WEST GERMANY {short description of image}
West Germany : 3-Team Matches West Germany : 4-Team Matches West Germany : U21 4-Team Matches
West Germany v Soviet Union West Germany v Denmark Continent v Overseas
West Germany v Sweden West Germany v Finland West Germany : U23 4-Team Matches
in YUGOSLAVIA {short description of image}
Yugoslavia : 3- & 4- Team Matches Yugoslavia v Poland Yugoslavia v Austria
Yugoslavia v Czechoslovakia

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