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"International" matches at the Buffalo Stadium, Paris

Special thanks to Christian Weber who has carried out in-depth research of many French newspapers of this period
The Stade Velodrome Buffalo, at Montrouge, Paris, was opened in 1922, and speedway racing was first held there in 1930. The track was 382 metres long, inside a banked concrete cycle track. Meetings were most often held on Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons. The stadium was demolished in 1957. Christian Weber
The matches were staged between 2, 3, or 4 countries, usually over just a few heats, with 2, 3, or 4 riders in a race. The result was determined by the number of heat winners for each country. The British-based riders appeared to be able to change nationalities as required with, for example, English riders riding for Australia, and vice versa! Whilst meetings were frequently previewed in the French press, results were rarely given.
The surname of Raymond Lemone (see 1937 below) was often reported erroneously as Lamothe.

1930 Fri 27.06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. England
Yves de Lathé Les Dallimore (1 heat)
Camille Tanton Syd Fuller
1931 Sat 30.05 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. England (3 heats)
Fernand Meynier Greenall
Yves de Lathé Butler
France v. Germany (3 heats)
Charles Bellissent Sebastian Roth
André Bourgeois Hermann Gunzenhauser
Sat 06.06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France beat Germany
Charles Bellissent Hermann Gunzenhauser
André Bourgeois Amend
Yves de Lathé Johannes "Hans" Wunder
René Rousselle Weinand
Sat 11.07 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. England v. Germany
Charles Bellissent Arthur "Westy" Westwood Johannes "Hans" Wunder
Fernand Meynier Max Wunder
(6 heats)
Sat 15.08 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. England
Charles Bellissent Arthur "Westy" Westwood (6 heats)
Fernand Meynier Jimmy Hayes
André Bourgeois Gordon Cobbold
Sat 29.08 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France 19 Charles Bellissent, Camille Tanton (4-team match)
England 18 Arthur "Westy" Westwood, Gordon Cobbold
France II 17 Fernand Meynier, André Bourgeois
Australia 12 Harry Bray, Dudley Cox
Sat 19.09 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France beat England (6 heats)
Ht.1 Bourgeois v Cobbold
Ht.2 Meynier v Bray
Ht.3 Bellissent v Westwood
Ht.4 Meynier & Bourgeois v Bray & Cobbold
Ht.5 Bourgeois & Bellissent v Cobbold & Westwood
Ht.6 Bellissent & Meynier v Westwood & Bray
Charles Bellissent Arthur "Westy" Westwood
Fernand Meynier Harry Bray
André Bourgeois Gordon Cobbold
1932 Sun 10.04 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France 4 Australia 0
Ht 1: Bellissent, Meynier
Ht 2: Meynier, Lamont
Ht 3: Bellissent, Lamont
Ht 4: Bellissent, Lamont, Meynier
Charles Bellissent 3 Billy Lamont 0
Fernand Meynier 1
(only 2 riders) (only 1 rider)
Sun 24.04 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. England
(Jack Parker's debut at Buffalo Stadium) Charles Bellissent Jack Parker
Fernand Meynier Arthur "Westy" Westwood
"General Ranking": 1st J Parker, 2nd A Westwood, 3rd C Bellissent, 4th F Meynier
France 1 Germany 0
Yves de Lathé won Graf Strachwitz ex
Thu 05.05 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France 0 America 1 England 3
Charles Bellissent Ray Tauser Jack Parker
Fernand Meynier
Match comprised 4 x 3-rider races - Parker won 3 races, and Tauser the other
Sat 04.06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. Ètrangers (Foreigners)
Charles Bellissent Arthur "Westy" Westwood (Eng)
Fernand Meynier Arthur Warren (Aus)
André Bourgeois Joe Gooding (Eng)
Jean Roger John van Hulzen (Hol)
Sun 12.06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. Germany
Fri 17.06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) Germany 4 France 2 (6 heats)
Johannes "Hans" Wunder 2 Charles Bellissent 2
Alfred Rumrich 1 Fernand Meynier 0
Herbert Drews 1 André Bourgeois 0
Match comprised 4 match races, plus 2 four-rider races. Heat winners are shown
Sun 19.06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) England 5 France 1 (6 heats)
Arthur Westwood 2 Charles Bellissent 1
Frank Arthur (Aus) 1 Ernest Vergnes 0
Jack Parker 1 Jean Roger 0
Art Warren 1 Fernand Meynier 0
Match comprised 4 match races, plus 2 four-rider races. Heat winners are shown
Sat 30.07 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. Ètrangers (Foreigners)
Charles Bellissent Leopold Killmeyer (Aut)
Fernand Meynier Charlie Blacklock (NZ)
Jean Roger John van Hulzen (Hol)
1933 Sun 18.06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France 1 Germany 3 (4 heats)
Ht.1: Buttler beat Roger
Ht.2: Paulot beat Weinand f
Ht.3: Buttler, Roger, Paulot, Weinand ns
Ht.4: Buttler, Roger, Paulot, Weinand ns
Paul Paulot 1 Weinand 0
Jean Roger 0 Walter Buttler 3
Leon Boulard ns Hermann Gunzenhauser ns
Klinghammer ns
Sun 02.07 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. Southern Germany (Allemagne du Sud)
1934 Sun 27.05 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France (Paris) v. Australia
Leon Boulard Charlie Blacklock (NZ)
Emile Beranger Mick Murphy
Francois Hofecker Jack Sharp
1935 Sun 09.06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. England
Fernand Meynier Mick Murphy (Aus)
Charles Bellissent Gene Thomas (NZ)
Leon Boulard Les Gregory
Sun 30.06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France 2 Australia 4 (6 heats)
Ht.1: Meynier, Leavis 86.0
Ht.2: Murphy, Hofecker 86.0
Ht.3: Rye, Bellissent 85.8
Ht.4: Murphy, Menier, Hofecker, Leavis no time
Ht.5: Rye, Leavis, Bellissent, Meynier 88.6
Ht.6 : Bellissent, Hofecker, Rye, Murphy 85.0
Charles Bellissent 1 Claude Rye (Eng) 2
Fernand Meynier 1 Mick Murphy 2
Francois Hofecker 0 Fred Leavis (Eng) 0
Match comprised 3 match races, plus 3 four-rider races. Heat winners scored a point.
Sat 06.07 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France 5 Austria 2
Ht 1: Meynier (20.1 secs), Berenger (20.3), Bellissent and Killmeyer (20.4 each), Hubmann (21.0), Wurstbauer (21.2).
Ht 2: Hubmann, Berenger.
Ht 3: Meynier, Wurstbauer.
Ht 4: Killmeyer, Bellissent.
Ht 5: Meynier, Berenger, Wurstbauer, Hubmann.
Ht 6: Bellissent, Berenger, Killmeyer f, Hubmann f
Ht 7: Meynier, Bellissent, Killmeyer, Wurstbauer.
Fernand Meynier 4 Leopold Killmeyer 1
Charles Bellissent 1 Hans Hubmann 1
Emile Bérenger 0 Karl Wurstbauer 0
Match was decided on race wins over seven events, one of which was a flying one-lap contest for all six riders, in which Meynier set a new record of 20.1 seconds. Other events were three match races and three four-rider races. (Christian Weber)
1936 Sun 13.09 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. Australia v. England
Fernand Meynier Billy Lamont ???
Léon Boulard ??? ???
1937 (Mon/Tue 07/08?).06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. Holland
Léon Boulard de Jong
Raymond Lemone Maller
Francois Peraldi Meulemans (Bel)
Thu 17.06 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. Britain
Fernand Meynier Les Bowden (Eng)
Léon Boulard Cecil de la Porte (Sth Africa)
Raymond Lemone Phil "Tiger" Hart (Eng)
Meynier was advertised, modestly, as "Champion of the World, of Europe, and of France" !
1947 Sat/Sun 05/06.07 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. Italy
Fernand Meynier Francesco Gandi
Paulo Mugnier Francois Peraldi
Sat/Sun 12/13.07 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) France v. Italy
Leon Boulard Francesco Gandi
Fernand Meynier Francois Peraldi
Charles Bellissent
1948 Sun 25.04 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium)
France lost Holland won
Fernand Meynier Piet van Aartsen
Gerrit Kops
Jan Bosman
Maan Coumans
Gerrit van Dijk
1949 Sat 02.04 : Paris (Buffalo Stadium) Holland 30 England 26 Australia 16
Henk Steman Phil Bishop
Henk Dammers Bill Harris
Piet van Aartsen Al Collins
Arend Hartman (Harry?) Saunders

Contributors : Christian Weber, John Hyam, Duncan Luke, Przemyslaw Jany