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The following international speedway tournaments are included on this site:
1953-56 Nordic Team Championship (in Scandinavia) 4-team tournament between Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Held over 4
rounds, one in each country.
1968 World League This F.I.M competition was between Great Britain, Poland, Russia, and Sweden. Each team was to race each other
twice at home and twice away, in 13-heat internationals. Sadly, the competition was never completed.
1968-88 Central European Tournaments features the Danube Cup (Austria v Czechoslovakia v Hungary v Yugoslavia) and the Europa Cup
(Austria v Belgium v Holland v Italy v Yugoslavia)
1972 Internations Championship (in United Kingdom) A 10-match league format for internationals between teams from Australia, England,
New Zealand, Sweden, and a combined Norway-Denmark team.
1973 Daily Mirror International Tournament (in United Kingdom) The biggest tournament ever staged, with Australia, England, New
Zealand, Poland, Sweden, U.S.S.R, and a combined Norway-Denmark team competing in 24 matches over a 19-day period.
1975 Daily Mirror International Tournament (in United Kingdom) A mere shadow of its 1973 predecessor, Australia, England, Sweden,
and a Rest of the World team competed in a 6-match league format.
1980-81 Tri-Nations Test Series (in Australia) 3-team tournaments between Australia, England, and USA at 7 tracks in 4 states.
1982 International Fours (in United Kingdom) A 4-team tournament between Australasia, England, Denmark, and USA over 4 matches.
1983 Inter Nations Tournament (in United Kingdom) A 3-team tournament between Denmark, England,
and Rest of the World over 3 matches.
1983-85 Summary of Junior (U-21 & U-23) 4-team Tournaments.
1985-date Nordic Under-21 Team Championship (in Scandinavia) The Under-21 teams of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden meet
in a single 4-team tournament.
1988 Diamond Jubilee Series (in United Kingdom) 7-match tournament between Denmark, England, Sweden, and USA to mark 60 years of
speedway racing in the UK.
1991 Inter Nations Championship (in United Kingdom) A 3-team tournament between Australia, England, and Sweden over 3 matches.
1992-2004 Mitropa Cup (in Central Europe) A competition for the smaller speedway nations such as Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia,
Slovakia etc. The format varied, with anything from 2-team to 7-team events having been staged at various times. Results for some seasons
are incomplete. In later years, club teams represented countries.
2005-2011 3 or 4 Nations Team Championship featured teams from Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia. In 2007, Croatia and Slovenia each
tracked two club teams, but the competition reverted to international teams, with the addition of Hungary, in 2008. Not held in 2009,
the competition returned in 2010 with home and away Test Matches between Croatia, Slovenia, and Czech Rep. Slovakia joined the
competition in 2011, and the competititon was renamed as ...
2012 Adriatic League Test Matches between Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia. This was replaced by ...
2013-date Adriatic Nations Team Cup , a 4-team tournament featuring Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia.
2008-2011 European Junior (Under-19) Team Championship, a new competition organised by the UEM, which then became the ...
2012-date European Junior (Under-21) Team Championship (2012 UEM; 2013-date FIM-Europe)
and, of course ... the longest running tournament of them all, the World Team Cup (now SWC - Speedway World Cup), and
World Junior (U-21) Team Cup, for which details of preliminary rounds and finals are here
Note Any tournaments for riders under-16 on 80cc bikes or larger can be found at Youth

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