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3-Team & 4-Team Matches

1934 ??.?? : Zagreb Yugoslavia v. Czechoslovakia v. Poland
Ludwig Staric
No score available, but Yugoslavia finished ahead of Poland
1953 Sun 27.09 : Zagreb Yugoslavia 33 Austria 60 Germany 49
Drago Regvart Karl Killmeyer Josef Hofmeister
Branko Regvart Franz Aigner Sebastian Wiesent
Franz Schenk
Willi Rossecker
1955 Sun 07.08 : Rijeka (Fiume) Yugoslavia 21 Germany 7 Austria 5
(now in Croatia)
1956 Sun 07.10 : Zagreb Yugoslavia 10 Czechoslovakia 37 Austria 25
Kamper lowered the track record to 80.2 sec Josef Kamper max
1958 Sun 28.09 : Maribor Yugoslavia 3rd Austria 1st Poland 2nd Switzerland 4th
Josef Bössner
Otto Holoubek
Johann Hartl top scored
Eduard Kofler
Ewald Kofler
1960 ??.?? : Zagreb (Att: 8,000) Yugoslavia 66 Austria 46 Germany 30
Drago Regvart 21 Josef Bossner 17
Anton Mlakar 17
Sun 07.08 : Krsko Yugoslavia won Austria v. Germany
1963 A match involving Soviet Union may have taken place
1964 Sun 31.05 : Krsko Yugoslavia v. Rumania v. Bulgaria won
A Yugoslavia team rode in Bulgaria in 1964, probably in a return leg of this 3-team match
1965 Sun 06.06 : Krsko Yugoslavia won Austria v. East Germany
1966 Sun 16.10 : Krsko Slovenia won Serbia v. Croatia
Not strictly an international as all 3 were part of Yugoslavia at that time
1969 Wed 17.09 : Krsko Yugoslavia v. Italy v. Czechoslovakia won
Sun 12.10 : Ljubljana (Slovenia) Yugoslavia v. Slovenia won Czechoslovakia
Not strictly an international as Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia at that time
1978 Probably part of FOUR CITIES CUP (Italian rounds here)
Sat 27.05 : Ljubljana Yugoslavia v. West Germany won Hungary v. Italy
Contributors : David Austin, Przemyslaw Jany, Christian Weber

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