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23.12 Holland 4-team match 1973 Veenoord added. (Przemyslaw Jany)
20.12 1983 fixtures for Hungary v East Germany & Hungary v Holland added. (Przemyslaw Jany)
19.12 Denmark v Sweden 1977 Teams and programme scan added.
17.12 First 12 official programmes Australia v England 1934-35(5), 1935-36(5), 1936-37(2) added (Phil Smith)
17.12 Australia v USA 1936 Sydney programme added. (Phil Smith)
15.12 Austria 5-Team Match 1986 match added. (Duncan Luke)
14.12 About This Site page redesigned.
14.12 Denmark: 3-Team Matches NEW PAGE Two matches from 1930 added.
13.12 Home v Overseas 1938 Edinburgh. Full details added. (Duncan Luke)
12.12 Australia v England 1935-36 Sydney programme added. (Tom Marriott)
12.12 Junior World Cup 2006 Rybnik programme added. Australia v Great Britain 1973-74 Brisbane 5th Test programme added. Sweden v Australasia 1955 & 1959 Gothenberg programmes added. Sweden 4-Team Matches: 1957 & 1958 programmes added. Sweden v England 1958 Gothenberg programme added. (Roger Stevens)
11.12 Australia v The Rest Programme and riders added for a previously unknown 1938-39 match (Roger Stevens)
11.12 Nordic Under-21 Team Championship Matches for 1987 & 1988 now added (Vesa Niemela)
10.12 Holland v Italy NEW PAGE & Holland v Hungary 1982 New matches added (Duncan Luke)
10.12 Sweden U21 v Denmark U21 & Denmark U21 v Sweden U21 1982 New matches added (Duncan Luke)
06.12 Finland 4-team match. NEW PAGE. 1982 match added. (Duncan Luke)
06.12 Poland U23 v Great Britain U23 1973 Leszno programme added. (Roger Stevens)
06.12 Australia v England 1987-88 Perth & Mildura programmes added; 1989-90 Perth programme added. (Roger Stevens)
05.12 West Germany 4-team match 1982 Haunstetten added. (Duncan Luke)
05.12 Young England v Young Overseas 1950 mini-match at Harringay added (Jim Henry, Speedway Researcher)
05.12 Germany v England 1931 Previously unknown match at Oberhausen added. (Nigel Bird)
04.12 World Team Cup 1965 Ufa programme added. (Roger Stevens)
04.12 World Team Cup 1962 Vetlanda teams amended. Reserves, heat details, programme added. (Roger Stevens)
01.12 South Africa v British Commonwealth 1954-55 dates, and points scorers for 5th match and full series added.(Ken MacLeod)
29.11 World Team Cup. Programmes added for 1980 Rodenbach, 1983 Abensberg, & 1985 Neustadt Donau & Vojens (Roger Stevens)
29.11 Denmark v England 1979 programme added (Roger Stevens)
28.11 Holland v USA v England v Sweden 1981 match details added (Duncan Luke)
28.11 South Africa v British Commonwealth (in Rhodesia) NEW PAGE 1954-55 match added (Ken MacLeod)
27.11 Mitropa Cup pages reconstructed and relocated to new URL here. Links amended.
24.11 EXTRA !!! Page 8 England Lions v England World Team Cup. NEW PAGE All details and programmes added (Roger Stevens)
24.11 Austria v Finland 1986 Full name of Henriksson added (Vesa Niemela)
16.11 Heat details and riders added for Homeland v Colonies 1930 West Ham and 3-team match 1930 at Stamford Bridge
16.11 England v Australia 1930 Unofficial. Many scorers and heat details added to matches on 09.07, 12.07, 18.08, 28.08, & 24.09
13.11 Austria 4-Team matches - 1986 Four Neighbours' Cup details added (Duncan Luke)
10.11 England (NZ Touring Team) v Overseas 1931 Full scorers and heat details added (Roger Stevens)
09.11 Australia v England 1934-35 Australia's 1st ever Test programme added, 1967-68 4th Test programme added (Roger Stevens)
08.11 Poland v England 1975 Heat details and programme added for Chorzow match (Wojciech Wilde)
06.11 Austria v Finland 1986 NEW PAGE Match added. World Team Cup 1986 Austria scorers at Krsko amended. (Duncan Luke)
05.11 Homelands v Overseas 1933 Heat details & scorers added for match at Clapton
05.11 Poland v Australia 1991 Bydgoszcz programme added (Tom Marriott)
01.11 Poland U-21 v Denmark U-21 1984 Full scorers & heat details of Bydgoszcz match added. Poland U-21 4-team match 1988 Gdansk Full heat details added (Marcin Wolanski)
01.11 World Team Cup 1995 Pocking programme added (Roger Stevens)
28.10 USA v The World 2006 details added
24.10 World Cup & Junior World Cup 2007 Fixtures added
20.10 Czechoslovakia v Poland 1987 New series added, including Prague programme and details (Tom Marriott)
20.10 Poland v Czechoslovakia 1955 Ostrow match deleted; 1967 extra results at Leszno & Ostrow added; 1984 note added (Tom Marriott)
20.10 Poland v Soviet Union 1987 Tarnow programme added.(Tom Marriott)
20.10 World Team Cup 2006 Programme for Event 1 at Rybnik added.
09.10 Poland v Soviet Union 1972 Missing scorers for 4th match at Chorzow, plus programme and heat details, added (Wojciech Wilde)
08.10 Tri-Nations Championship 2006 Full details of 8th & final match at Wiener Neustadt added.
07.10 Poland v East Germany v Soviet Union v Czechoslovakia 1971 Full match details and programme added (Wojciech Wilde)
07.10 Australia v England 1947-48 Sydney Sports Ground (2nd Test) programme added
05.10 Australia v England 1975-76 Liverpool (NSW) programme added (Roger Stevens)
02.10 Czech Republic U-21 v Poland U-21 2006 match details added
28.09 Brisbane programmes added for both Australia v Great Britain 1974-75 & Australia v England 1988-89 (Roger Stevens)
28.09 Holland v Germany 2006 match details added
27.09 Italy 4-Team Match 1966 Programme only (Roger Stevens)
26.09 Tri-Nations Championship 2006 Full details of 7th match at Mureck added
19.09 World Team Cup 1960 Heat details for Final added from completed programme (Roger Stevens)
19.09 Austria v Norway 1953 NEW PAGE new match found
17.09 Junior World Cup 2006 Full details of Final added.
11.09 Pre-war programmes added: England v Australia 1930 Belle Vue & England v Dominions 1938 Southampton (Phil Smith)
11.09 Poland v England 1958 Wroclaw programme added (Roger Stevens)
11.09 Tri-Nations Championship 2006 Full details of 6th match at Prelog added
04.09 Austria v Australia 1988 NEW PAGE new match & Italy v Czechoslovakia 1988 match added, no point scorers (Duncan Luke)
27.08 Czech Republic v Slovenia & Croatia NEW PAGE for details of 2 matches 2006
21.08 Germany v England v Denmark 1929 NEW PAGE Few details available.
18.08 Poland v Czechoslovakia 1988 New match details added; Poland v Soviet Union 1975 New match details added & 1987 Zielona Gora heat scorers added; Poland v Sweden 1987 Heat scorers added (T Grabowski)
16.08 England v Australia 1937 Div.2 Series - Bristol & Birmingham heat details added (Roger Stevens)
16.08 England v Australia 1936 Heat details added for all matches
14.08 New Zealand v USA 1971-72 Programme of 1st Auckland match added (Roger Stevens)
14.08 Many corrections to the spelling of riders names of matches held in Poland (T Grabowski)
12.08 New Zealand v England 1972-73 New unofficial match at Wanganui & programme added. (Roger Stevens)
11.08 USA v Australia 1935 Teams, date, venue added (Ross Garrigan)
07.08 Programmes added for Tri-Nations Team Championship 2005 at Lendava & Gorican (Duncan Luke)
07.08 Programmes added for World Team Cup 1989 Nyiregyhaza, 1990 Szeged, & 1994 Lonigo (Duncan Luke)
02.08 Australia v England 1935-36 Programme for 3rd Test added (Roger Stevens)
29.07 Germany v Poland v Denmark v Holland 2006 Result and scorers added.
27.07 World Cup Programmes added: 1963 Vienna, 1985 Gorzow, 1987 Rybnik
26.07 Poland v England 1975 Wroclaw programme added
23.07 World Cup 2006 Match details plus programme from Race-off and Final added.
18.07 World Cup 2006 Match details from Event Two Malilla added
16.07 World Cup 2006 Match details from Event One Rybnik added
16.07 Sweden U-21 v Denmark U-21 2006 Series details added
16.07 Slovenia v Croatia v Austria 2006 Krsko match details added
07.07 Junior World Cup 2006 Abensberg programme added (Roger Stevens)
06.07 Poland v Great Britain 1966 Wroclaw programme and heat details added (Tom Marriott)
06.07 Australia v Sweden 1971-72 Sydney programme added (Tom Marriott)
05.07 1972 World Team Cup : Note added to Leningrad Continental Final. Reserves for this and the Final identified.
04.07 2003 World Cup : Daugavpils programme added.
19.06 Programmes added for 1979 World Team Cup Eskilstuna and 1969 Sweden v Great Britain Malmo
17.06 Junior World Cup 2006 Full details of the Kumla semi-final added.
13.06 Dominions v England (in South Africa) 1953-54. Missing scorers added - scorers now complete (at last!) (Ken MacLeod)
13.06 World Team Cup 1969 Notes added about the Final programme (Roger Stevens)
11.06 Poland U-21 v Denmark U-21 2006 Full results & heat details added
10.06 Junior World Cup 2006 Abensberg heat details added (Christian Weber)
09.06 USA v Canada 2006 added to Fixtures section
09.06 Junior World Cup 2006 Abensberg details added
09.06 England v Australasia 1958 unofficial (Coventry): result and heat details added (Roger Stevens)
08.06 Colonies v England (in New Zealand) 1935-36 2nd. Test heat details added (Bob Andrews / Wally Auckram)
31.05 Under-21 series Poland v Denmark 2006 added to Fixtures section (Doug MacFarlane)
28.05 2006 World Cup Full details of qualifying rounds added.
23.05 World Team Cup Final 1961 Programme & official scorechart (solving problem of Sweden scorers) added (Bob Andrews)
22.05 Austria v Croatia v Slovenia 2006 Full details matches 3 and 4 added.
21.05 Scotland v Dominions 1953 NEW PAGE Full details and programme added. (Roger Stevens)
20.05 Australia v England 1967-68 Adelaide programme added (Roger Stevens)
19.05 Young England v Young Overseas 1953 Missing 1st match point-scorers now added. (Five One)
15.05 South Africa v Overseas 1953-54 Dates, most scorers, heat winners added. (Ken MacLeod)
15.05 Australia v USA 1936-37 Sydney programme added (Roger Stevens)
15.05 Sweden U-21 v Denmark U-21 2006 Fixtures added
12.05 Dominions v England Dates & teams for 3rd match added (Ken MacLeod)
12.05 Great Britain v Sweden 2006 Details & programme of abandoned match added (Roger Stevens)
09.05 South Africa v England 1953-54 Additions and corrections made. (Ken MacLeod)
08.05 Tri-Nations Champ 2006 Photos of Austria 2006 & Ivan Vargek added (Brian Collins)
06.05 Australasia v Europe (in Austria) Result, full heat details, and scorechart now added. (Roger Stevens)
30.04 World Team Cup 1961 Final: alternative Sweden scorers + heat details added (Tracy Holmes)
25.04 Tri-Nations Champ (Croatia v Slovenia v Austria) 2006: full details of first two matches, plus Gorican programme added.
18.04 World Team Cup 1982 Vojens & 1991 Debrecen programmes added (Roger Stevens)
13.04 England v Australasia 1958 extra unofficial mini-match Coventry 27.09 added, with programme (Trevor Chater/Roger Stevens)11.04 South Africa v Rhodesia 3rd match for 1975 found (30.05 Jo'burg) - date, result, teams (David Austin)
11.04 Programmes added: South Africa v Overseas 1980-81 Dunswart; England v Rest of World (in Rhodesia) 1971-71 all 3 matches; Rhodesia v South Africa 1971 all 3 matches (David Austin)
07.04 South Africa v Rhodesia 1975 dates, venues, 1st Test scorers added; 1972 dates added. (David Austin)
06.04 Austria v Germany 1955 Altheim scorers added, result changed, this was longtrack, not speedway (Klaus Schwab)
06.04 World Team Cup 1997 Second programme for the Final added - can anybody help? (Roger Stevens)
04.04 England v Continent 1954 (in Austria) NEW PAGE Complete match details plus programme. (Roger Stevens)
03.04 Links page has additional links to "Sand Speed Wales" and "History of Torun" websites
03.04 England v Australia 1930 match race in Singapore, programme and cutting added. (Gary Gregor / Lynn Isaac)
31.03 World Cup Many non-riding reserves between 1974 and 1985 now added. (Tracy Holmes)
31.03 Rhodesia v Cavaliers 1975 Bulawayo programme added. (David Austin)
30.03 England - 3 Team Matches 1951 match at West Ham, & England v Australia 1948 Odsal unoficial added. (Jim Henry)
29.03 Homeland v Colonies Additional 1929 meeting at Southampton added. 1930-1938 results added (Roger Stevens)
27.03 South Africa v New Zealand 1952-53 Missing 5th Test scorers, series report, all heat details, plus unofficial match at Boksburg - all added (Ken MacLeod)
24.03 South Africa v Combined Europe 1952-53 5th Test heat details now added - full series stats now finally available! (Ken MacLeod)
23.03 Wales v England 1929 Contemporary reports for all four matches added.
22.03 Poland v Soviet Union All reference to a 1968 series now amended to refer to World League matches. (Christian Weber)
21.03 USA v Rest of the World 1979 dates,scorecharts, and heat details added.
20.03 England v Scotland 1928 Match races at Crystal Palace, Marine Gardens Edinburgh, & White City Manchester added.
20.03 World Team Cup 1979 Non-riding reserves added for Eskilstuna & White City meetings. (Tracy Holmes)
20.03 Scandinavia v Gt Britain in Norway. Previously unknown 1956 match added - team and programme, no details yet (Duncan Luke)
19.03 South Africa v Combined Europe 1952-53 Scorers & heat details for 1st Test added, 2nd & 3rd Tests amended (Ken MacLeod)
17.03 World Team Cup 1960 Programme for Gothenburg Final added. (Andy Marlow)
17.03 Poland v Soviet Union 1983 Date & scorechart for Swietochlowice match added. (Wojtek Szoltysek)
16.03 England v Australia 1992 to 1999 - full scorecharts and heat details added.
15.03 World Team Cup 1972 Final: Soviet Union reserve was Valeri Gordeev, not Valdimir (Tracy Holmes)
12.03 Programmes added: Poland v Great Britain 1971 Tarnow & 1973 Wroclaw; New Zealand v England 1970-71 Auckland 1st Test; Australia v England 1989-90 Brisbane 6th Test. (Roger Stevens)
09.03 West Germany v Soviet Union Previously unknown 1974 series added - dates, results, teams, programme. (Christian Weber)
09.03 Junior World Cup 2005 Abensberg programme added. (Roger Stevens)
08.03 New Zealand v England 1930-31 Note on Christchurch match added.
08.03 New Zealand v Overseas 1949-50 Full details of Christchurch meeting added. (Roger Stevens)
07.03 Rhodesia v Overseas 1975 Full point-scorers, heat results, and note added. (David Austin)
07.03 Rhodesia v South Africa 1974 Dates and note added. (David Austin)
03.03 England v Rest of World 1998 Brighton Indoor match details and programme added.
03.03 Rhodesia v South Africa 1953 Additional information added. (Ken MacLeod)
03.03 World Team Cup 1980 Krumbach programme added (Roger Stevens)
02.03 South Africa v Rhodesia 1974 - see new "Note" added. (Christian Weber)
27.02 Northern Ireland v Scotland NEW PAGE 1968 Belfast v Scotland details added (Mike Hunter)
26.02 Austria v England v Denmark 1955 Full heat details of Wiener Neustadt match added (Duncan Luke)
26.02 Poland v Australia 1991 Tarnow programme added (Duncan Luke)
24.02 Programmes added for World Team Cup 1984 Mariestad & World Team Cup 1999 Lonigo (Roger Stevens)
23.02 Holland v Poland 1949 Teams (though not scorers) now known for first two matches (Maciej Wegrzyn)
22.02 Ireland v Young England Select 1951 Some details of Shelbourne Park match (Christian Weber)
21.02 USA v The World added to 2006 Fixtures
16.02 Poland U-21 v East Germany NEW PAGE Details of 1975 series added. (Przemyslaw Jany)
14.02 Australasia v Europe (in Austria) 1957 Both programmed teams added (Roger Stevens)
13.02 South Africa v Overseas 1951-52 Scores & point-scorers of additional unofficial match at Durban 23.02 added (Christian Weber)
13.02 Australia v England 1977-78 Brisbane programme added (Roger Stevens)
05.02 1959 Unofficial World Team Cup All details (result, point-scorers, date) completely revised (Christian Weber)
05.02 Poland v Great Britain 1973 Gorzow programme added. (Roger Stevens)
04.02 Gt. Britain v Sweden added to 2006 Fixtures
01.02 England v Dominions 1938 Rider in Southampton match should be Eric Gregory, not Jim. See also heat details. (Eric Watson)
31.01 England v Denmark 1947! Information update at bottom of the page. (Roger Stevens)
30.01 England v Australia 1935 Full scorecharts & heat details added.
27.01 Scotland v England U-21 Details & programmes of the 2 abandoned 2004 (plus 2005) matches added. (Roger Stevens)
26.01 South Africa v Overseas 1951-52 SA captains amended ; 1st Test track records noted in heat details (Ken MacLeod)
24.01 Homeland v Colonies 1929 matches now have a NEW PAGE, including heat details of Wimbledon match.
21.01 England v Australia 1934 Full scorecharts & heat details added.
18.01 Complete fixtures for Slovenia v Croatia v Austria, plus Canada v World, added to fixtures section of home page
17.01 England v Dominions 02.08.1945 Exeter Alphington heat details and scorers added (Tony Lethbridge)
17.01 Full 2006 World Cup & Junior World Cup fixtures added (also to fixtures section of home page)
16.01 Homeland v Colonies May 7, 1929 West Ham - this match added, together with report from the Auto.
15.01 South Africa v England 1949-50 Heat details for 3rd Test at Jo'burg added. (Christian Weber)
13.01 Australia v England 1971-72 Brisbane (2nd & 3rd Tests) & Melbourne programmes added. 1976-77 Brisbane programme added England v World in Rhodesia 1971-72 Bulawayo programme added. New Zealand v England 1967-68 Auckland 1st Test programme added. (Roger Stevens)
11.01 England v Australia 1928 Crystal Palace. Original (from The Motor Cycle) match report added.
10.01 Sweden v Soviet Union 1971 Stockholm (Gubbangen) and 1972 Gothenburg programme added. (Roger Stevens)
10.01 Britain v Overseas 1962 Scorecharts and heat details added.
09.01 Australia v England 1971-72 Sydney programme added. (Roger Stevens)
09.01 Poland U-21 v Sweden U-21 1978 Zielona Gora programme added. (Roger Stevens)
09.01 Sweden v Soviet Union 1973 Eskilstuna programme added. (Roger Stevens)
09.01 South Africa v Polish Invitation Team 1995-96 . Series added, with full results and scorers. (Christian Weber)
07.01 England v Australia 1929 Coventry - full scorers and heat details added.
06.01 World Team Cup 1961. Wimbledon programme added. (Roger Stevens)
05.01 FIM official attendances added for World Cup 2005 race-off and final, and Junior World Cup 2005 final.
05.01 South Africa v International Select 1991-92 - new series added with point scorers and series report. (Christian Weber)
04.01 England v The Rest 1934 Plymouth - point scorers and heat details added.
03.01 England v Australia 1945 Odsal - point scorers and heat details added. (Jim Henry)
02.01 Dominions v Europe & South Africa v Overseas at Cape Town 1952 Festival (Ken MacLeod)
01.01 England v Dominions 1945 unofficial match at Newcastle added, with date and point-scorers. (Phil Hood)
01.01 Australia v Europe Dates added for 1954-55 series. (Charles McKay)

2005 Updates

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